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The Rise of the Feathered Serpent [Quetzacóat.. - text


Long ago, before the sun shone bright above
Even before the first wind blow
A wandering beast arose
And darkness took over the world

Time went by
The god brothers came down to Earth
The cruel beast was torn apart
And so life begins
The dawn of a new age has come

Thousands mouths to feed
A tribute of blood
The altar, the temple, mother nature will swallow the sun
And give it back to us!

A ceremony to the deity of night
The red, the black, Tezcatlipoca, smoking mirror
God of death and cold

The beast became the sky, the hills
The trees, the caves and the ground
Tlaltecuhtli: The one who gives and devours life

Rise oh Feathered Serpent
Fly high in the skies
Spread your wings and take us to the light with wings open wide

Rise oh Feathered Serpent
Mighty thunder, wings of wonder
Ride the winds of wisdom, lord in white!

A matter of life
A reason to be
The flash of the blade
The priest will begin

The altar awaits
My blood on the stairs
The wings of the Serpent
Are wide once again!

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