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Rivers of tears and desolation
Nations drown in domination
Hypnotized by gold and greed they will live in misery

Blindness and thirst for gold! Tyrants and liars rulers of war!
Through pain, they will rule by force!

Streams of tears leading bodies
Mamma Kylla, vanishes in sorrow
One by one they will face death
Pacha Mama the final rest

Before the pain, purified by rain
She just won't believe, she struggles and cries
Suddenly darkens
Enshrouded is Atahualpa's body and name

What kind of mother wouldn’t shed a tear for her son?
Before thy glory all shall bow

The four corners of the kingdom resound the pain of loss
Apart forever, hearts away
Denied memory

Praised be the sun! Inspiration of life (praised be the sun)
Warm up our spirits, be our guide (please, be our guide)
Pray to Inka, it's the last of the days (it has to come to an end)
Embalmed in tears, the dynasty ends (the dynasty ends)

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