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Shine, Once Again - text


There are four knights coming with a
Cross on the top of their heads
Claim to bring salvation, but they
Seem drowned by own vanity

There's a shadow rising, a disease
That spreads with the wind
A growing blank in my soul
An abyss of dark dragging me

And I don't know who'll be with me
In my darkest times
Oh the gold of fools
The symbol of woe for us all

There's a doubt inside me, and it's pushing
Me far from my will
Through the dusk, through night, through the
Limits of my own beliefs

No I won't astray, someday we will meet again
Under the same blue sky, under those stars

Hide far from the eyes, from the cold touch of envy
Awake entangled by dreams
Lies in your heart the breeze of innocence

Closer to skies, to the embrace of Inti
To shine, once again
Pacha will guide your fate
Your victory

Far where your eyes can't see
I know your dreams will come true
High in the skies
Your victory
High in the skies

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