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Gate of Gods [Hayu Marca] - text


Burn the fire in your eyes
An outstanding vision
Carry on with your sweet memories
Of our freedom

I wonder if the stars could take me
So far away

Close your eyes and cross the door into
The City of the Spirits
A gateway to the land of gods
The shelter of our heroes

Blue rays of light go by
Five lines shall trace the path of our faith

The lineage thrives, the golden fate
Hayu Marka! Enlighten the way!
Mother night, Father day
Follow the path to the sacred place
Father sky, Mother land
Eternal life lies beyond the gate

Before the dawn of morning Tiwanaku
Dwelled in splendour
Orejana took place on this land granting
Life to us all, then returned to the skies
We're her blood, made of love, made
From handfuls of clay

A rainbow shines, the golden strain
Hayu Marka! Enlighten the way!
Praise the night, wish the rain
Eternal life lies beyond the gate

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