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Celebration to the Sun [Inti Raymi] - text


Close your eyes and breath
Feel the scent of love and purity
Seek into your heart
The remains of your lasting innocence

Deep inside your soul
You may find a meaning to your life
When the dance of fire burns
Flesh will turn to dust

Wiraqocha! Move the universe in harmony!
Zaramama! Sow the seeds!
Pacha Kamaq! Oh Inti! Apu Illapha!
Behold the celebration to the sun!

A new horizon comes
We are the chosen ones
The golden ray lights will bring us prosperity

A brand new day arises
A bless in paradise
Among the living ones, health and fertility!

A morning breeze takes us
To the greenish plains
Throughout the kingdom we'll walk on the fields

A brand new day begins
And Hanaqpacha is a shinning blanket of cosmic energy!

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