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Away from the Dream - text


Here I am on the road! Harmless thoughts run inside my head
Strenuous days, rainy nights' in my mind just the memories

Searching for the stolen dreams
The caravan of agony fleeing to the Andean highlands
The runaways are getting weak! The elders and the children sick!
Hunger and plague makes us agonize

I went out, for a while! Where's my trust? Terrifying hand!
Dreadful night haunts my soul stealing me, in my darkest dreams

Believing in the presence of a sacred guide, the caravan
Travelled for many miles with no place to rest

Wiraqocha came to me said: take them to the sacred lake
My child and the answers you'll find

Here in the sacred lake you made Capác and Ocllo
And then they taught us how to pray they told us, they showed us that love is the only way!
Now I feel... I am... away from the dream

Miles and miles away! So far, so long! At last we found our home

Fly like feathers in the sky! Reach paradise
Fair is the path of those who believe and carry on

Here in the sacred lake you created the moon and sun
And then they taught us how to pray
They told us, they showed us that love overcomes hate
I bend my knees... I wish... away from the dream

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