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I stand on the shadow of demoralizing cross
Divergent is my path to cryptic beyond dimensions
My soul was created to deeper values ...not to bounding extolled
I wade in stranger waters, guided with moonlight... stars as my crown
I seek nocturnal elements to nourish my satanic desires
I'm aspirant to unholy extremities
Which light won't bring for my kind and god blindly avoid
I have given my spirit to dark... to the realm of the shadows and jetblack infinities
Where the purest silence feed the devil in me
And the fires of my destiny burn kingly higher
God that thee fear and the heavenly kingdom surrounding him
Is for me a grotesque ruin... a mendacious tale
Throne, crown... sword as symbol
darkness, light, Satan and god
From that i find my life and death
In truth i am and i will be fucking
Eternally... infernally
I am something that something possess
and the one who seek the angels and the beasts

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