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M.A.D. - text


As in a prophecy,
A voice raised loud and clear,
"Take a sit your gonna watch a new redemption".
A planet trembling,
As drowning in a ship,
Sorrow merging with a deep frustration.

A blast, a loud scream,
Death shown on TV screens,
Spread out feelings of hysteria and depression.
Repairs are useless,
And life's gone in a blink,
A sacrifice that takes to total annihilation.

An evil atmosphere,
Takes to a comatose world,
Shattered pictures of our future.

Sky'll be filled with thunderstorm of fire,
The word "reason" turns to a lie,
This will depict the fear, in your eyes.
Devastating air attacks,
Bombs don't fall like feathers,
A mutual destruction, so we'll leave the scene.

Unconsciously we'll be gone,
We're led to an ultimate submission.

A mortal feast is set up for mankind,
The sun won't rise again,
Amplifying our fears...
With tears and pain,
Both sides will fall on a MAD.

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