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The Beast Is The Chaos - text


From mythical histories of ancient books
From prophetical imagination of visionary men
The horrible Beast is revelated in the past, present and future.

In its magnificent throne that is the time
Reings o'er the ages of dead and hindmost civilizations
With the scepter the abomination of its chaos,
And in its right hand with the chalice of human suffering
Like poisonous serpent infects men's hearts
With the confusion, hatred and destruction
Over a world created by the Beast of Chaos.

The Beast is the one to dominate you!

The Beast has drawn a deceit in the sky
An affliction and dead symbol over a cross
As the stupid fallacy in the putrid image of an inert God...

When the Beast and its chaos to chains
The humanity minds and makes slaves
With the religion loathsome laws.

Among blazing visions of horror that let free my mind
My hallucinated eyes are wounded with the Beast's mortal spell...

Text přidala LaurenFlame

Video přidala LaurenFlame

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