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The Enemy Inside - text


I'm the trees you can't see the wood for
The force you'll never stop
The devil on your shoulder
When temptation comes along
'Cause I, I'm the enemy inside

When you're drunk as a barrel of monkeys
And you can barely stand up right
I'm the one that keeps you drinking
'Til you're dragged into a fight
You can't hide from the enemy inside

And you know that I won't listen
Even if you say it twice
I laugh in the face of all good sense
And I won't take advice

I'm behind every bad decision
I'm the voice in your little head
I'm the reason you get in trouble
When you should be home in bed
That's why I'm the enemy inside, deep inside

(I can lay you low, I can get you high)
I can even be your alibi
(I can change your life in a winking eye)
Oo, in a heartbeat baby
I can make you laugh, I can make you cry
Let you live or watch you die

If you walk, I'll get you running
When you're in I'll take you out
When the wrong words cross your dirty mind
I'll make you shout 'em out

When the truth is undeniable
And the evidence is clear
When all logic needs defying
You'll be so glad I'm here
'Cause I, I'm the enemy inside
Take a ride with the enemy inside
You can't hide from the enemy inside

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