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The Chosen One - text


You glide through the ugly scene
Like an eel riding Vaseline
Listen in to everyone
Keep your distance from the smoking gun

Pulling strings from forbidden rooms
Greasing palms when you need to
Stop at nothing to get your way
Right or wrong

And you lied
But we'll never know the half of what you've done
Oh no, you must be the chosen one

Breathing air with the fêted few
Assassin smiling like an ingénue
You're the enemy they're keeping close
The friend that they fear the most

Did you call every favour in
When the whole affair hit the fan?
Tell me how you can sleep at night
After all you've done

Go and hide
While your friends all take the blame
You cut and run
Because you're the chosen one

And it's no surprise
As you're slithering out the shade back into the sun
You're looking like the chosen one

When the world was camped at your door
Just like karma's army had come for a war
Was that a tear in the steely eye
Of the Almighty's favoured chosen child?

And you lied
And God only knows what the hell you've done
You can't question the chosen one

And it's no surprise
You're coming around again like you were never gone
No shame about what you've done
You must be the chosen one

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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