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Hotter Than the Sun - text


She can burn, she can sting make you do most anything
But you can't teach her
She makes you laugh, makes you cry climb a hundred storeys high
But you won't reach her

I thought my will was really strong
But this is war that's going on
She won't loosen off her grip until she's done
She's hotter than the sun

She's a sensual priestess like a lion in a dress
You have to feed her
Like a wall in your mind she's a mountain you must climb
But you won't reach her

She's got a thing about control
But I ain't used to letting go
I see the lines of battle drawn
But I won't run
'Cause she's hotter than the sun

She don't lose control
But she touched my soul

She's as sharp as a knife carving her name across my mind
I won't forget her
She's a joy to behold like venus de milo
But she looks better, so much better

She don't know I play her game and though I know I'm just the same
I never thought that I'd be shot with my own gun
She's hotter than the sun
Hotter than the sun
She's just begun
She won't let me be, yeah
She won't let me be
Hotter than the sun

Text přidal DevilDan

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