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An Englishman On Holiday - text


Laying down in this Spanish bar
That last slammer hit me like a car
I've got the 6a.m. Balearic blues
Can't even focus on my own tattoos
I had a fight with this German guy
I saw him give my little girl the eye
While he was trying hard to be so cool
I hit him with a stool

Oh yeah alright I'll be going all night
Gonna drink till they take me away
I'm an Englishman on holiday

Every year I get to do the same
I meet the boys and get on the plane
We like to sing and shout out 'here we go'
'Cos they're the only words that we all know
We've got the loudest shirts you've ever seen
We're gonna take the beaches like a team
We've got so much duty free to drink
Enough to float a ship

Oh yeah alright I'll be going all night
So light the paper get out of the way
I'm an Englishman on holiday

We never look for trouble at the start
But it always comes our way
We've got our pride and we just can't walk away

This morning I woke up inside a cell
They dragged me screaming out of my hotel
I don't remember what it is I did
But I've got this drummer banging in my head
I've got to get out 'fore I miss the plane
Next summer I'll be back again
I'll be fighting for the Union Jack
If they let me back

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