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I never gonna die
I never gonna stop to fight
Cause I'm immortal
In my soul and heart

All what I do
Is try to make you see the truth
Cause with your eyes
This life will fool you

Nothing is what it seems
Be careful don't believe
No one is right when they
Tell "I have the truth you're wrong"

All can be different
Depends on the point of view
Fight for what you believe
In this life get your own truth

I leave behind
All the things useless for me
Find your own truth
And fight for it

Find your own voice
And think for yourself
See what is right
Go on in your way


Fight for yourself
In this hell
Open your eyes
In this world you're blind
For your life
You have to fight
All the lies
Will be gone
The truth will rise

In all my life
All I want is to see
The light
Fight is not
Violence against all

How many things
In this world
Are for live
Discover it and find it
It's the real fight


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