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Searching for power to reign
Killing thousand people in your way
Ambition and cruelty fill you
Imposing with weapons your truth

A reign of terror you made
You think that you control our fate
An army of assassins you command
Disguised of soldiers of their homeland

It's tyranny, tyranny
Tyranny, tyranny

Controlling all the information
Hiding to the world your intentions
Imposing the fear you rule
Killing those who dare to opposed you

The power of oppressed grows strong
Waiting for the moment to explode
And in the end you will pay
For all you did everywhere

It's tyranny, tyranny
Tyranny, tyranny

It's time to fight for our freedom again
Against the dictator, and their evil force
We have the power, we have the right
The victory is our, we are free again

At the end you will try to escape
Telling to all the world that you are insane
You lie when you say that you didn't know
What happened with people when you rule

But you negotiated your exit
So that nobody can judge you
But of the death you cannot escape
I know you will burn in hell

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