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Feel the power in your hands
Live your life with no fear
You can do anything

Don't trust anyone
Cause the people can sell you
Just trust in your friends

But your friends are not
Who expect something
They will betray you

Be careful with the evil ones
Cause they want destroy all
They will lie to you

Try to live free in peace
But when you fight do (it) till die

Fight against the evil ones
They want destroy you
Life is just a piece
Of our road in this world
Fight against the evil ones
They want destroy you
Death is not the end
Is just a travel to the other side

There's no limit in your life
You can do anything
But remember my warning

Always look to the eyes
And you'll find the truth
Don't trust in the words

Look what they do
In his acts is the truth
His lies will fall

Trust in what you feel
There is no other way to be
You can discover the lies


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