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Is time to feel
The smell of the ground
The fresh of water,
the colours of sky
This land my home,
the sky my roof
The mountains are walls
protection give us

I never will be
alone in this world
Trees are here
my friends they are
Cover with light
by sun in have
The earth give me food
for all my time

I can feel
the power of light
The force of fire,
the cold of ice
The rage of winter,
the snow cover all
His white blind me
the ground turns cold

The fury of wind
rise the seas
Thunder and lightnings
the storm live
A terrible power
the nature have
Is easy to him
kill all mankind

This land my home
the earth give me all
That I need to
survive in this world
The seas, the air,
the ground and rain
The trees, the mountains,
the sun light my way

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