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Steel in Battle - text


Calling to the night, the dark is rising
Our power begins to grow
The armies are near
Soon they will fight
Death will appear for hunt

Sword of steel, axes and bows
The army carries it all
Thousands of men calling for blood
The battle will start

Feel the steel is blade cut all
My hands are strong to destroy all
Killing with pleasure my enemies dies
His mutilate body his agony cries

Like thunders of metal is battle's sound
Clash of the axes the metal bite
The arrows whistle when pass through the air
In the head of my enemy penetrate

Thousand of death in the ground
His blood covers all, also my axe
The enemy hurt, call for help
I throw my axe in his face

Hear in the night, the cries in the dark
Death in this black night
Watch in his eyes, the fear inside

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