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Sailing through seas chasing new lands
Looking new coast to conquer those lands
Land on the horizon I can see now
Soon my sword, will make blood fall

All my comrades excited are now
For new victims to steal and rape
Soon will arrive, his worst nightmare
They will feel the pirate attack

The ship is near gunshot I hear
Is the resist of the villager's guns
Trying to stop his tragic end
But no one can stop our force
We will kill all, with no one alive
We will burn is homes
Reaping, killing, stealing and burning
This is the pirate attack

Hundreds of arrows cover all
Is the attack of the archers
Hidden behind the hills
Waiting for us to kill (us)
All my comrades run, it's time to escape
Only some ones board the ship
We will go to another land
To make the pirate attack

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