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I came to this land
To join this fight
I have my sword
And all my pride

The battle start
I see running blood
I feel the death behind
My king is lost
My armies are gone
I'm blinded by the dark
My sword is broke
I have no chance
To leave this war with life

My heart want to fight
But my body is hurt
I feel the cold in my heart
And I see my wasted life

Where is the king?
How many death I see
Where is the king?
Women and children are praying for live
Where is the king?
A river of blood grown here
Where is the king?
I wasted my life for this

The battle is over
Where is the king?
Is better stay without him
He is a betrayer
Is full of fear
Nobody wants a king
The glory, the pride
Where are this now?
Now I'm my king

The king who leave and left
His people alone in pain
Is just a mortal man
A coward with a crown in his head


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