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The Night Belongs to Us - text

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There it lies, under a midnight sky
A stony sign of your ended life
In moonlight I buried my bride
Hopeless I cry "Why did you have to die?"
The wind whispers your name
I miss your sweet embrace
All happiness is away
Only sadness and sorrow stays
"Wake my beauty rise from your chest
I open your casket and set you free
My pale beauty, open your eyes
Together we dance in dim moonlight"
In my dreams you come back to me
In reality you will eternally sleep
There somewhere I will be with you
I dig my grave beside you...
"A piece of eternity only for us
The night truly belongs to us..."
My sorrow is too strong, I'm all alone, all good from life is gone
Trying to forget, in this nothingness I curse myself
No more I can take this life so fake, my feelings are turning to rage
Life has no gain, wind whispers your name where I killed myself...

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