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The Great Fleet of Echoes - text

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When we have used
all of our mistakes
When we have lost
the faith on ourselves
How deep is the darkness
How frail is your mind
Are you far or close
to your dreams?
Watery-eyed and broken
in a life of decay
Do you think you are free?
Living to wither
We cut ourselves
to fit into the world's
grey machine
Gathering memories
Frail evidence
Falling pieces
Oblique fragments
Traces of a purpose
Our voices echo
the shattered freedom
Do you hear
these words I say
Flying through the mouth
Burning through the head
Set fire into your soul
and never let go
Do you see them
Do you hear them
These words moving
through the air
Are you far or close
to your deepest dreams?
Do you think you are free?
in a broad formation
out through the smothered
hearts of men
come the great fleet of echoes
in spasms full of life
all shapeless and surreal
echoes of shattered
The great fleet of echoes

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The Great Fleet of Echoes


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