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The Destroying Angel - text

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White flowers of mould
decorate your skin
(Deterioration of soul
I hear you sing)
My broken arteries
flooded with your sleep
Lead me through asphyxia
into the white fields of amanita
Through sweet sleep of narcosis
into the closed rooms of paranoia
Lights of the other worlds
shine through your open mouth
Embrace of the all-absorbing,
The Destroying angel
The door of future is closing
Frail reality failing
I hear you sing
the song of future failing
And I fall through the black hole of your eyes
Down into the deepest Theta space
And burn through the spheres of a million suns
Down into the plateau of my mind
Where the shadows are whispering
in the dimmest Theta space
Where the spell of your destroying touch
was crafted with higher mathematics
Where the universe is choking
Down on your unhealing hands
Destroying Angel
Devour my thoughts

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