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That´s Right ft. Akon - text


Street anthem! (Yessir)
Three 6 Ma-fi-UHHH!
New Three 6 Mafia, Akon
Goin down, yessir
{*cell door slams*} {Konvict}
Hypnotize Minds! (Yessir)
This what thugs are made of man! (Yessir)
This where we come from
This the artery of the streets man
The heart of it!
[Hook: Akon]
Despite what you heard, or what you saw
When you look at me man you see hardcore
A real street hood nigga, wish a nigga would nigga
I can give a damn what you think about it all
If you think I'm CRAZY!! That's right
If you think I'm lazy (you're damn right)
Cause it don't really matter what you think about me
Nigga, fuck you pay me~! That's right

[DJ Paul]
9-9-6, got my hands on my first mill'
Now it's oh-seven, damn near at a quarter bill'
Enemies close, but my 45's closer
You can be the starter, but I'mma be the closer
Damnin what these haters sayin, damnin what these haters thoughts
I reside in mansions they don't, it ain't my fault
Half of the shit I do I do it just to make these suckers mad
And the rides they claimin to get, I already had
Ten dollar tees, but the jeans 1500
Your lifetime dreams I done already done it
Plus I done it wit'cha wife, she said I made her night
But I didn't hit her back cause her mouth wasn't right


[Juicy J]
Yessir e'rybody in my clique we dra-aa-aank
E'rybody in my clique got ba-aa-aank
E'rybody in my clique we ba-aa-all
Gold teeth nigga comin straight from Nor-naw-aw-ath
E'ryday we hustlin just like Rick Ro-aw-oss
E'ryday we strugglin and e'ryday we sto-aww-omp
These niggas cain't fuck with my hood, we de-ee-eep
The last thing you see is the bottom of my fe-ee-eet
And I don't give a damn my nig, I'm a fool, I'm a fool
Get the fuck from 'round here, shoulda knew, shoulda knew
Head crackin ya dig, what it do, what it do
And underneath the seat is the heat, I'mma shoot, I'mma shoot


[Akon - repeat 4X to fade]
Fuck you pay me! Fuck you pay me!
Fuck you pay me! That's right

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Three 6 Mafia texty

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