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British Saskatchalbertatoba - text

We pledge allegiance
To the flag of British Saskatchalbertatoba
And Her four glorious symbols:
Uranium! Wheet! Whales! And oil!
We took four of the greatest provinces around
And mixed them together in a pot
The feds were tarred and feathered
We kicked them outa town
And this is what we got
Welcome to British Saskatchalbertatoba
We're mighty when we're drunk
Mighty grumpy when we're sober
From the sea to the mountains
To the aurora borealis
British Saskatchalbertatoba... über alles!
We got uranium and cars and
We got elk and moose and deer and whales
And grizzly bears to eat!
Our referers are mighty
Their powers are divine
Campbell and Doer
Calvert and Klein
We'll gonna rule the world
And nothing will ever tire us
Unless we'll all got
from the West Nile Virus
But we're free!
Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!
From force manipularism
And democracy
We're gonna get seen at the UN
And an embassy on the moon
Our web page is down right now
But it should be workin' soon
And we're free!
Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!
Free for transfer payment
And the GST
British Saskatchalbertatoba
And you and you
And you and you
And you and me
Soooo... (Everybody!)
Welcome to British Saskatchalbertatoba
We're closed for renovations
We'll be opened in October
We'll be around forever and a day
British Saskatchalbertatoba – Fuckin' eh!

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