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Through the Ice - text

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Many who die deserve life.
Many who live deserve death.
So live with fire, laugh at fate,
bare your teeth as you draw your final breath.
Life's a journey 'cross a frozen lake,
wind howling in your face.
Never know how solid your steps are
until the moment you fall through the ice.
We all march into the unknown,
time whipping our backs.
Pushing us ever forward,
until the moment we fall through the ice
Drowning in the blackest water,
one mis-taken step.
Laden with past choices,
pure consequence pulling me down
We never know when we're to die;
we only choose what we do with our time.
Too many let it go to waste;
I cannot let this be my fate.
A hand burst from the water,
veins frozen through.
Inch by inch, hour by hour,
I dragged myself back onto the ice
Ad mortem gelor.
Sed perseverabo, et hoc superabo.

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Canada 2010


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