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Taking Control - text

Now it´s time to free
The one you´re looking for
Feed the beast inside of you now
Break the locked doors
Guilty is your heart
Guilty as your soul
You denied me all this time
Now i´m here to burn

Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
No way to save your soul
No place to hide, nowhere to go
No way you can make it
I´m taking the control

Are you ready for the truth
That´s been hidden for all your life?
Are you ready for the meeting
With the master of disguises?
Look around your empty world
The mirrors point to you
Cause you´re the one that gives me hope
And never let me loose


So take off this mask
And face me like a man
You can´t fool me anymore
You can´t hide your heart again

Text přidala little-sin

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