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Fuel To The Flames - text

You are a saint but you´re ruling by force
And we must pay the price
Mankind is burning in the fire of hell
Victim of holy crimes

Only the strong will survive in a game full of lies
They have the key so you´ll never be safe
Roll the dice
We are facing the rain
In the eye of the storm
On the edge of the blade
We are fuel to the flames

We know the sinners and we sing their song
We´re believers but faith has gone
Spreading their words and their creed on TV
Keep it away from me!

Lost in a place where you find no way out, face the truth
Against the time we keep fighting a war
Who will we loose?


You can be strong but you´ll never be great if you go alone
There´s no tomorrow if you´re not awake, leave the dreams behind
And rise!!!

Only the strong can survive in this game, you could try
They have the power but we´ll never fall without fighting

Text přidala little-sin

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