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Why does this anger burn inside my heart
Like a flame devouring my soul
Driving my hate
Pushing me into a fiery rage
I never learned to forgive and forget
Whenever my sight goes red
Lord please hear my cry
Take this cup from me
All we think about is violence
I hate this beast we've become
All we dream about is murder
Striking down our enemies in cold blood
The demon speaks of murder and strife
Corrupting my mind
I'm always ready to strike
Ready to kill in the blink of an eye
I feel the venom seeping in
I just don't know what to do
With this hate building inside me
Why do I feel this way
Every single day
It's just the same thing over and over again
Don't want to be this anymore
Extinguish the flame, Lord give me the strength
To keep these demons at bay
And rid myself of this anger once and for all
I swear I'll walk away
For vengeance is not mine, don't want to cross this line
It'll be the hardest fight of my life
Because revenge is all I seek
I won't lose this fight

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Unholy Anger


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