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Sowers Of Discord - text


Walking the track, head in your hand
As punishment for your sins
Pushing away the ones that you came claim
You so dearly care for
Out of the church and into the streets
Separated from God's eternal love
Whose crime is worst
Theirs or yours
Whose hypocrisy do you spew
Do us all a favor and get up out of my face
Just turn and walk the other way
And get up out of my face
You'll pay for your crimes against humanity
Every scar on your face will forever remain
As a reminder of their unforgiving blades
You only meant to offer a helping hand
Instead you tore it apart from the inside out
You only meant to build it up
But instead you tore it down
No more lies as long as I live there will be no more lies
A few years ago I would have spit in the face of a heretic
Now I just call you out
Because I realize the love you've been so deprived of
I don't think you understand the discord of your ways
But you must realize that good intentions
Won't open heaven's gates
Your intentions can't save now
Only God can save you now

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