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Say what you want
About me and about the way I live my life
You call yourself a friend
And yet you turn your back on me
Your words mean absolutely nothing
This is the calling in my life
It's not about the fortune and fame
It's not the American dream
This is so much more
More than you and me
We don't need your condemning
Say what you want about me and the way I live my life
This time it's coming back on you
I am holding true to my calling
This is it
We're never giving up
And you had the nerve to go and call yourself my brother
No we're never giving up
Your fate is yours and my fate is mine
So keep your mouth shut
Can't hold us down, can't keep us quiet
There's people starving and searching for the truth
We come together and stand united
We're going to make it with or without you
You just can't understand what this is all about
Unless you see the world through my eyes
Fall back in line
You're all the same you're wasting my time
I'm in a spiritual state of mine
So get yours cause Imma get mine
Step off
I'm holding true to my calling
This is it
I'm holding true to my convictions
It's all I am

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