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I was born
To conquer this world
My present mind was designed to overcome all things
I hold steadfast through the storm
I'll keep on fighting until there's nothing left of us
Everyday my spirit is at war
I remain victorious nothing here can conquer us
Determination terminated what's in front of me
When all else fails there's nothing left
But You surrounding me
With You as my strength
I will live forever
I give you my all
And my life is yours
Everything I am
I'll break the standard of this human life
I am more than this world could ever make of me
I'm not ashamed of who I am or who I want to be
We're not of this world
God my father You have forgiven me
You give me strength to push on because my flesh is weak
I'm living proof that hope is not lost
I'll break the curse of this world with the ultimate price
We will stand against this world
We will overcome
I exist to overcome this world

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