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You have been charged guilty of slothfulness
And disregard for your fellow man
You hold tight to your blankets
Failing to face the dark truth of this world
Now everything is stripped away
You are forced from your sleep awake
This world will be gone in the blink of an eye
The choice is yours will you go or stay

Remember the days when you were young
So full of the fire we need
Now all you do is stay at home
And bask in your security

Your sanctum will be destroyed when this world lies ruined in flame

You sacrificed your sacred pledge
Falling to the end of the line
So full of one's own ignorance
That you've left God's will behind

Your ignorance is an absence of mind
Looking onward with no plans for changes
In these disgusting times
The mere thought of your laziness makes me sick
He'll spew you out
You tattered saint
You'll be left writhing naked on the floor
And tossed into the fiery lake
As punishment for your apathy

Your judgement is the price you pay
For actions of the life you choose

Oh my God, where have I been?
That I could be so blind
If he future is the only thing to live for
I would rather die
But I can't blame you
I can only blame myself

This world has burned away
Judgement is all that is left
Judgement is all I have

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