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So why do people think my faith is of intolerance
Does it look like I am on the defense?
Don't get me wrong I know we're not all the same
So go and hate because you have nothing to say
Just because I don't support your cause
Does that make you want to hate me?
I always thought this was the land of the free
But you don't want me to believe in what I believe
I refuse to stand by and listen to your hypocrisy
I'm so sick
I can't take it anymore
I have the right to be angry
I won't take it anymore
I won't let the sun go down with this hate on my hands
No matter what you say or do I will forgive you
So will my father
So let's wash our hands of this hate once and for all
Even though I have the right to be angry
You know, forgiveness is the hardest thing I've ever learned to do
I receive strength from my Father
To show mercy on people like you

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