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I know your kind
Running your mouth to destroy people's lives
So sick of all the lies
We're going to end this all tonight
It's time you answer for the things you have said
There's no more fabricating anything, anymore
You spread your lies and deceit without a trace of the truth
Just total disregard for the lives all around you that you destroy
It's time you think about the lies that you spread
You are a liar
Just a dirty snake
Bite back your bile you venomous snake
Leaving with nothing but destruction in your wake
The people you've poisoned with your self-righteous intent
The people you've broken, their souls forever condemned
I'll stand and fight for the rest of my life
Do what I have to do to make this right
We've grown so sick of your lies
I see the hate in your eyes
It's time to meet your demise
Now you've gone and pushed us too far
And we've been suffering for way too long
I will not stand and suffer your hate in this world
Father, take me from this

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