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And I know in my mind I will never fail
If I stay true I will always prevail
So many things in this world that try to drag me down
And pull my head underwater
If I can't catch my breath I will surely drown
I just have to push harder
This is my conviction, this is my drive
This is a show of my self control
This is my drive and who I want to be
These are my beliefs
Break me my heart's not made of steel
Reveal Yourself to me
Forgive me for I know what I've done
I've been carrying this weight too long
And every moment I lay here awake
Is just another burden on my guilty conscience
Truth and conviction
Taboo to a less than common practice
And fact is half this
Will not be heard for what truth's told
The world only knows my
Pain, hate, fear, lust, rage
Shame, fate, tears across my face
Convictions come with loss

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