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Born from fumes
And built from the inside
I roll my eyes to the back of my head
My salvation is dead
Blood enters in
Ventilation for my skin
I can feel the dirt it runs through my veins
I enter eternal pain
My life is yours to gain
And It turns me inside out
I contort and dance you just sound deranged
Its human nature to stay the same
I laugh and I shake from the heat here
Let me tell you about pain
I do the devil's dance
And it's all in my head
My blood is cold and I'm painted in red
I'd crush my empty skull if it meant no pain
I'll stay hidden underwater ‘til I go insane
Does this happen to you or just me?
If so let me see
Let me in
Let me see
Let me see
I had to learn how to adapt
With my eyes pushed out
And my hands held behind my back
Oh hunters I can be your prey
Just promise me you'll stay
If I listened to you I wouldn't be the same
Watch as I put myself in the flame
I still hear it ring in my ears
All this pain has brought me to tears
I'm not ready to fight but you should
Don't complain when I stand where you should
Like a trance
I move with your voice
Under chants of horror around me
And I think to myself what a life
Why be here if I’m going to die

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