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We endure enough to realise
That everything we built will fall and die
All my love has left me
And since then I haven't been the same
I won't be the one to tell you
You matter less the less you own
The more you are the more you leave behind
I didn't want you
I knew that I had you
My love was see-through
I thought that you knew
I knowingly used you
I didn't need you
You have to believe me
You have to believe
It might be cynical
Life’s not a miracle
You thought you had it all
You thought you had it all
I need you
All this violence just for silence?
How did you think this would end?
You tyrant
I just don't want to know
Nothing changes behaviour faster than pain
Put in this world and told that we're the same
Is that how hate is bred?
Is that how fear is created?
I need you

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