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You’re the only one
I think the world of
Even the darkest things
Need to be loved
You stay believing that hope is a cycle
Hands up giving your life to an idol
Know your part and play it well
In time the earth becomes our hell
Happy or just distracted?
I need to feel
Like everything is real
I am imperfection
You were sent from above
Nurture me in love
With love
You’ve got that medicine
And it’s making me sick
Hands pulling me down
You better catch me quick
I need to be sure of you
I need to be sure because
There must be something more
As I enter disease
Life's pulling me down
Wont you catch me please?
Nurture me
Black out my eyes
Until there’s nothing to spare
I’ve been fighting my sleep
But you were never there
Static creeping and shaping the air
I’ve been fighting to see
Someone who isn’t there

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