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Emilys' thoughts - text

Places of hate , empty spaces
the race is on to get
Everone's wrong it's hard to be strong
I lost but not alone

Another step , another blow
sometimes I just fall and break
and no hand in destiny
Everybody's fightin' for their promised land

I'm in to deep , led myself atray
I've got nothing to give
and my thoughts still walk in shadow
move in silence

In my only book of memories
time just fades the pages
that's how it's got to be
I feel a kind of fear what tomorrow brings

Ref. Everybody needs somebody to hate
the minute you walk out that door
and I have to know that the fire
In my heart is out
I'm looking for a cleaver, cleaver conscience

To trust yourself it must be art
I feel that I don't belong
Every whisper turn into the scream
And the world here in my hand

Close your eyes, make a wish
Life is just a battlefield
I can't sleep when there's no one around
My thoughts is still killing me

Ref. Everybody needs somebody to hate... THORN


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