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Class On Sunday - text


[Verse 1: Tiara Thomas]
If anybody asks, yeah we got class
We dressed up to party like trash
Then we hit the spot with the overnight bag
We woke up act like nothing ever happened

[Hook: Tiara Thomas]
Because we got smoked up
Homies on the floor get doped up
I'm in the back gettin' choked up
And everybody got thrown up

[Verse 2: Tiara Thomas]
If anybody asks, yeah we got bags
Cops came runnin', they drivin' up fast
Lights go shining, in my back dash
Never pull over, cause we don't know what happened

[Hook: Tiara Thomas]
Because we got smoked up
We in the car gettin' doped up
In the back seat gettin' choked up
And everybody got thrown up

[Verse 3: Tiara Thomas]
Yeah, I met this girl the other day
She said, "Hi my name is Grace
I love your music, I love your face
And I normally don't say this
But if I could take you home
Bet I'd switch teams up like Peyton
But please don't take this wrong
Cause I promise I'm not gay and
I just been known to play with
Some girls back from the states and
Some girls I went to school with
Some girls back from the way
Said, "Hey girl, hey, whatchu say?
I don't give a fuck if you're gay or straight"
Bi or high, don't blow my
I wish you would, birthday cake
And I'm always baked, I don't mind
I get wasted, y'all waste time
Put that Mary all in that barrel
Then smokin' all on that nine
Smoke all in my eyes, smoke all in my face
Blowin' all of that white boy, and I ain't talkin' race
No I ain't talkin' runnin', presidential debate
Yeah we got class, like on MLK day

[Verse 4: Black Cobain]
Kush clouds, I'm on nine of them
Just ponderin' like, should I let my conscious in
Go put your feet up on the ottoman
Arsonist I burn all of this, I wish I didn't give your heart a kiss
You call my phone, I call it quits
[?] that shit you [?]
Man I'm gettin' stoned, Rosetta
Why don't you leave me alone, need a Michael Jackson leather
Cut from a different texture
Fuck with all your questions
Damn a nigga faded, I just ran the intersection
I was rushing to that, uh
Rushing to that you know
Yeah she talkin' freaky when I put it in her culo
Ooh, don't put no ashes in my shit
She was on my mind, now she on my dick
Fuck all night, then she roll that shit
She ain't even know I was cold like this
Call a nigga dope when she on that shit
Got mind-fucked now I own that bitch
Heard TT now she love that shit
Might go down cause I do that shit
I'm on a few drugs but I'm on my shit
She ain't really have a real love like this
So we gettin' high 'til it all make sense

[Outro: Black Cobain]
Right here where I'm supposed to be
And it's too far, hope this'll get you close to me
Let the windows down, let the smoke out
We hotbox, she got choked out
She was precipitatin' my kush cloud

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