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Sharpen all your senses
This world is his
Sucking all the life
From this happy place

Using your umbrella
To soar across holes
Solving all the problems
Opening the doors

This machine is eating
All these things we love
Life will be devoured
Our world will be no more

Our 2d world, distressed
Your fragile frame
Is all you have to use
It's all you need to do

Bitches and hoes are
Put to side
To stop this decay
Green world going grey

These soothing nature sounds
Set to fragile tunes
Making the world ring

I will not lose to win
The calls I find within
These letters I receive
Bound in golden lace

This impending end that disguises itself
In the gentle surroundings I am part of
But I will not fall, I will not fall
The way I bounce from these walls

And this sky blue breeze gives a solemn promise of
The standing still of time
I will not fall I CANNOT FALL
This machine must be switched off

In times of darkness
A small hero shall rise
Clicking as it runs
Androgynous and brave

Death is not an issue
Yet something must be done
Running back and forth
Quest to find the key

This will
It burns strong
Until my world is saved
Until. My. World. Is saved.

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This is not a game of who the fuck are you texty

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