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These eyes are burning holes, read me like a book
Like everything I am is reflected
In how I wear my face, and how I turn away
Wearing me out

This life, this life, this life is
Too short,
to spend as anyone other than you so

I'll chew, I'll chew, I'll chew on
The hand
That fed me, grind it down to bloody bones

Until its deadened fingers, let go of my heart
I will not rest in peace, leave me alone
For once
Don't, you, put me, in, this position

Fist in my face, sick to my head

All that you own is nothing in our eyes
Bleak and malnourished, we'll eat you alive

Burn all that you have
This place is too gray for people like
You, and there is no way in hell
You'll keep them at bay
You'll keep them at bay

I'll keep my
Colors to myself
As my own

I don't want any more
If that's the top
If this is it

Why can't I
Shake this fucking weight
Stranded and left to fight for my own
My legs wont buckle
You won't get the best of me

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This is not a game of who the fuck are you texty

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