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Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion Of The World - text

This horse is fallen
Just take it in and count your losses
There's nothing you can do
Look at me
I have nothing
You're dead and so am I
I just can't stay
You can't ask me to'

All this time he sits quiet
The words stolen from his throat
He hates her fucking guts tonight
This game is lost and so is she

This silence is too thick for him to bear,
And it's banging on his eardrums
Burning through his veins
Blasting from his insides
He needs to breathe
Push it back let his life run its course

The sun has not reared its ugly head in weeks
His eyes are growing shut, his walls are coming down

Drowning in his pity for himself
No one can help him, no one
Fine: a pathetic end to a pathetic existence

Only you can pull yourself back up when you fall
Never trust in anyone but your goddamn self
Your goddamn self

Text přidala Pp_13


This is not a game of who the fuck are you texty

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