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Making Love is Easier Done than Said - text

.This iPhone's ringing off the hook
The caller ID reminds me of
Three months ago, a beautiful girl
That I called my own
And now there's nothing to show for it
And these feelings are fading fast
Faster than you know, time will only show
The feelings that we had weren't make believe

It hasn't rained since we called it quits
iTunes has been kicking off these beats in my head
While I'm taking over city streets

I am not the one you thought you knew
You are not the one who said I do
There is not an us anymore
You are not the one for me

There's only time in a text message
No emotion or feeling involved[2x]

To live is to love but love is so damn fake
When it hides behind your face
You know its true, you know
Spiraling roads lead us back into the cold
So much for the friends we had
So much for the love

So much for the friends we had
So much for the love[5x]

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