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reborn, if I bleed in solitude I embrace all weeps
sometimes the night is dead
demons crawl around my bed
follow the whores and their macabre needs
centuries of that lies we breed
one is ready to bleed for all
all are ready to see his fall
down - what else should we do with our emptiness
where else should we go - before we fall - down
I divide my head from (the) rest
I sever from others, until they are blessed
revelation, but I never was born
re-create the massive of mourn
hear me! I am livid - hear me! my soul awake!
let the angels beg for distance, and demons entwine.
alone in darkness I crawl through pain
a serpent kiss, a blood-red world, what kind of life
shall i take? my train of thought was blessed with hate
dead whores will always bleed in me
invisible stain will always be
I cut my life from a thin line
embrace me!

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