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In frozen cascades of molten aeons
through served clouds I danced once
at one with the tears now I stay
and the silk of serpent blindness betrays
In welkin slumber that gallowed me
I wept the crimson unhallowed sea
But rivers still flow within bloody tears
once I wept for many years
Thine mouth, I lay my cold hand upon thee
Your crimson ocean still bleeds into me
Serenade sculptures in veins opened wide
like heaven cried in spring desires
The dustdew of flowers felt down
like tears cascaded on my burial crown
Caressed by marbled gales but none
to depart the croon what had begun
Across crimson waters I danced
once while the welkindew passed romance
In spiral tears caged scarlet fears
within bloodstained pain only memories sears

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Aquis Submersus


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