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Please forgive me
I don't mean to be rude
But I gotta keep moving
I sure wish I could stay
But I gotta keep doing
What I've been called to do
And don't forget me
Long after I'm gone
And I'm just a memory
I hope you can recall
What I was saying
Was nothing but the truth
Well, I'm gone
It was nice to meet you
But I'm gone
I'm sure gonna miss you
But I've got to keep moving on
I can't stay in one place too long
Say a prayer for me
I'm gone
Thank you so much
You've been so kind
And I can't say enough
Of all the places I've been
This is one
That I just don't want to leave
Gone like the wind and I'm not sure
When I'm coming back, will you want more
God only knows where I am going
And just what tomorrow brings

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