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Im a big man shes a big girl
Put on them heels and put on that skirt
She wants to get naughty we can get bad
Shes a good girl with the good girl dance
Im ice cream shes a hot swirl
We can get married and live in our world
Lets play rough we can get wild
I could go home but Ill stay
Cheat but I wont
She aint no stunt she aint no philly
I wanna get mad but then not really
Cause shes so fly I could get mine
But I do it much better with her by my side
Loves alright
We gone get blitzed tonight
All my girls wanna make that money
All my thugs wanna take that money
All night long Im a milk that honey so
All night long I wait 4 your lovin babe
All night long I wait 2 tear u 2 pieces
All night long I wait 4 your lovin babe
All night long I wait all night long
All night long I wait
2 see u naked
And watch the sunrise in your face
All night long I wait 4 u 2 play
And let my open arms take u away

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The Evolution Of Robin Thicke

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