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The Visionaire (Angelic Possession) - text


Becoming painfully aware of the fact, alive mankind does more harm than good
Pierced by this knowledge of god I'm becoming an angel of extermination

Not guilty of my acts anymore, possessed
My body totally controlled by the pure unquestionable essence of god
Must cleanse this world of disease, mankind
I mourn the lives I take but it's not my choice nor will

I bring salvation shaped as steel, sharp enough to rid you of your sins
Feel my prayer sink deep into your flesh, feel the divinity of the blade

Behold the programmed will to live, printed in your genes
Alive you do more harm than good
Embrace my mercy killing, adrenaline blinding my mind
Struck by the rush and every last trace of emotion gone numb, as I lay you to rest

My god is burning behind my very eyes
Penetrated my chosen mind with force
Chanting the gift of life has been withdrawn
Commanding me to kill and erase the mistake, erase...

Spawned from the visionaire, a fire burning out of hand
Mankind a vision that should not be
Extinction, my purpose clear in life with god inside my mind
I embrace my fate and every last trace of emotion gone numb, as I lay you to...

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